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Media Release (Kuala Lumpur)
Teamwork is a specialist consulting company formed in 2003 by the original founder of Deloitte KassimChan – En Mohd Kassim Sulong and the previous Deloitte Technology Strategy Director – Mr Norm Hosken.

The previous work undertaken by Teamwork has been primarily involved in strategy consulting in the technology and telecommunications markets, both in Malaysia and overseas. A Teamwork subsidiary – CVA R&D Sdn Bhd specializes in data analytical modeling for telecommunications companies and utilities, and was accorded MSC Status in November 2004. Teamwork is currently rolling out a new line of business to augment its existing consulting activities. The new business is the provision of ICT practitioners on an ‘on-call’ or contract basis.

Commenting on the services announcement, Teamwork CEO Mr Norm Hosken had this to say about the new line of business. “The provision of on-call resources is certainly not new to most ICT organizations, particularly overseas, but here in Malaysia, we see a distinct operational improvement with concomitant cost efficiencies that can be presented to users of the new service”. “A regular feature of satisfying ICT resource needs in Malaysia is the client use of a full tender / RFP process for an entire project. We believe that in many circumstances this becomes a costly and disruptive option.

The formalization process of this approach and the selection process can significantly delay the commencement of vital pieces of work, when in fact the client requirement is to simply obtain specialist skills to augment existing resident personnel. Quite regularly we see examples of where an existing CIO or MIS Manager has significant in-house personnel, applications knowledge and internal business understanding at his or her disposal and really only requires additional support personnel to cater for gaps in the in-house project team. These gaps can be filled rapidly and cost-efficiently through the use of personnel on an interim or contract basis.

The function of on-call resources available through Teamwork Outsourcing enables a client organization to make one phone call and access a short-list of appropriate skills on the spot. In the provision of a specialist team of interim resources, Teamwork draws heavily on a wealth of international experience in running similar business, both in New Zealand and in the UK. “Our previous experience demonstrates how practical an interim resource capability can be. Our client base in our overseas companies grew to include both private and public sector organizations, including other IT service companies such as IBM, Tandem, Digital and Unisys.”

The converse side of resource provision encompasses the attraction of fully experienced ICT professionals who have made their mark in organizational ICT and now seek to widen their experience by working as part of an outsourced resource base. Benefits for Teamwork staff and contractors alike are based on having the opportunity to service a wide variety of client types and working in multiple industries. In this respect, the career development of Teamwork contractors is significantly enhanced. Many contractors also enjoy the flexibility of working on a variety of projects interspersed with time available for other interests. In many cases it can enable and support husband and wife job-sharing.

Other benefits are based on earnings capability, with Teamwork sharing its margin with contractors to provide substantial increases in remuneration over conventional full-time employment. The way in which Teamwork operates is based on agreeing resource costs with clients and contractors on either a per diem or per project basis. For clients, the availability of on-call resources will obviate existing agency hiring costs and formalities for permanent staff hires.

The availability of contract resources in Malaysia from Teamwork Outsourcing opens up numerous new options for clients and practitioners alike. Lack of availability of client staff for any reason can now be remedied simply and efficiently. Resourcing of client projects can use internal staff and knowledge as the foundation of a project team, with the client CIO or MIS management maintaining full control over the development – as opposed to loss of control to an external organization responsible for a complete tendered / outsourced RFP project.

In other ways, contract resources can also be employed to perform more mundane tasks such as systems maintenance, while client staff migrate into more development oriented tasks or undergo training. At the other end of the spectrum, Teamwork can supply highly experienced personnel who can enable significant in-situ knowledge transfer.

Apart from providing application and technical ICT skills, Teamwork also provide project and general management personnel and also continue to provide specialist consulting skills. Based on re-using a previously ‘tried and tested’ approach, the Teamwork on-call resource solution is anticipated to provide a new way of approaching ICT resourcing in Malaysia”.

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