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ONSPEED and Teamwork award first Asia Pacific site licence to MSCMS

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur - March 23rd 2006 - ONSPEED, subsidiary of Z GROUP, a UK based IT company and Teamwork, a Malaysian based media / telecommunications and strategy company, have announced the award of the Asia Pacific region's first corporate site licence of ONSPEED, the brand leader in Internet Acceleration. The region's first corporate user under the site licence agreement is MDC subsidiary, MSC Management Services (MSCMS).

Commenting on the uptake of the ONSPEED software, MSCMS General Manager Goban Arasu stated: "We are impressed with several things relative to ONSPEED. Firstly its ability to provide significant efficiency and productivity gains to our staff and users when used with a Broadband connection. We can achieve up to three times base acceleration. We also obtain a five times speed increase when accessing the Internet through Dial-up connections, for example from home or when traveling. This brings 'near Broadband' speeds over conventional Dial-up connections and enables substantial cost savings at the same time".

"When we are traveling overseas, we are conscious of the costs of hotel based internet connections, especially based on 'Ringgit' exchange rates. ONSPEED allows us to minimize our connect time and maximize our productivity, while simultaneously reducing the costs significantly".

Teamwork's CEO Norm Hosken comments: "Teamwork and ONSPEED are delighted that our very first corporate usage licence is with MSCMS. As the systems and integration facility within the Malaysian Multimedia Super Corridor initiative, MSCMS represents the ideal ONSPEED user, a business which can get all of the benefits of ONSPEED, both in Malaysia and in its export business activities overseas".

He added: "We are very aware of the Malaysian Government's key concern that Malaysia should attain a target of ten percent of the entire population enjoying the benefits of Broadband Internet by the year 2008". "The application of ONSPEED to Malaysia's existing Dial-up subscriber base of 2,500,000 could in effect achieve that goal overnight!"

ONSPEED, through a simple software download, allows users to browse the web and send and receive emails up to 5 times faster without the need for additional hardware. It can be used with any Internet connection anywhere in the world regardless of the user's Internet Service Provider. The beauty of ONSPEED is its simplicity. ONSPEED resides as software within the user's computer and automatically enables the compression of transmitted data. The secret behind ONSPEED's success is Content Sensitive Compression (CSC), which is based on a complex series of algorithms that compress and then optimize content by each individual file within an email or web page, providing a dramatic improvement in access speeds. The technology is backed by 9 patents.
ONSPEED Version 5.0 is available immediately from for an annual payment of RM 180.00 as a small 1.36Mb download, which takes less than 4 minutes to install. It is compatible with Windows and MAC and also works on Pocket PC and PDA's.

About Teamwork
Teamwork is the holding company in Malaysia for several telco / cellco strategy oriented products and services, including scenario models and dashboards from: Teamwork Outsourcing Sdn Bhd, CVA Asia Sdn Bhd and its MSC Status company CVA R&D Sdn Bhd.

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Z GROUP is a profitable, marketing-led UK technology company with a proven track record in the selection, development and successful marketing of technologies. Z GROUP selects the technologies which it acquires or licenses for development on the basis of identified market demand and specialises in cost effective, performance based marketing through a variety of channels.

The Company has currently three existing software businesses:

"        Net2Roam and NetAway, services that allow individuals and SMEs to obtain local Dial-up access numbers worldwide at rates below normal international rates
"        ONSPEED, the fastest internet acceleration software on the market, which instantly enables any PC, Mac and now for the first time Pocket PC user to browse and email at near Broadband speeds by using a 9 patented compression technology.
"        ONSPEED Mobile; unique mobile phone acceleration software, which speeds up and optimises slow Internet connections and helps users control associated costs
"        OnShare, a software service that allows user groups to communicate and share information between PCs, which are not necessarily part of an existing network, securely via the Internet. It is currently in development and is expected to launch during the early half of 2006.

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Saskia Hopmann
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